A Great Dream Coming True…

The First Domestic Car of TRNC…

İrfan Günsel

Assoc.Prof. İrfan S. Günsel

Today we are living one of those exceptional moments of excitement since a dream turned into a vision, and the vision turned into the first form of a long-missed material that we can now touch and sense…

You all know those moments of excitement:

The moment of excitement just before a farmer touches to the first fruit of the tree of which he had thrown the first seed to soil and watered it with his sweat…

The moment of excitement just before a scientist touches to the first prototype of an innovative invention that he brought into life as the final product of an everlasting project…

Yes, you all know these precious moments. These are the moments of excitement just before your big or small dreams on things come true. Sometimes, it is the moment of excitement just before the first moment of physical appearance of a child you are about to give birth; sometimes, it is the first moment of opening the door of a house for which you have spent a lot of money and endeavored a lot; sometimes, it is the moment just before you first time start the engine of a newly bought car, or it is the moment of excitement you feel just before meeting your friends not seen for many years, or the moment just before you share with others a product you have produced, and millions, even billions of moments of excitement that we cannot count up now…

The catalogue you are holding in your hands is such a guide sharing one of those rare moments of excitement… This exclusive catalogue is expressing the moment of excitement just before starting to produce the first domestic car of TRNC, an everlasting story which started as the childhood dream of Dr. Suat Günsel, Founding Rector of Near East University, and then turned into a vision, and has finally come to the stage of incarnation through the experiences, creative efforts, endeavors and long-continued studies of precious members of Near East Family. This catalogue is now summarizing the stage to which our dreams have now reached in producing the first domestic car of TRNC.

This journey starts with the childhood dreams of Dr. Suat Günsel, Founding Rector of Near East University. My father Suat Günsel’s passion of cars had started at his early childhood years. When he was a child, he was making car models from clay and dreaming that he would establish a car factory, and watch the pairs traveling especially on the red roadster cars. However, because of the terms and conditions of the country, his passion of cars turned into establishing a car museum and displaying the classical cars in this museum. However, the studies carried out at the museum revived the dream of producing our own car. Our passion to cars combined with our innovative perspective and gave us a powerful inspiration that led to drastic changes in our projects.

At this point, the importance of producing a domestic car must be deeply regarded in both global and national terms. Manufacturing a domestic car means gaining an enormous power in one of the most fundamental industrial branches. In our present day, all the developed countries have one or more well-know brand of cars. Owning a car brand in our present day brings in various advantages and privileges, too. In this respect, our fundamental objective is manufacturing a domestic car that will contribute much to the industry of our country and enhance our aim of improving the prestige of our country.

As a result of intensive research and detailed analysis carried out throughout the last two years, we have now come to the stage of producing a cutting edge car comprising the latest technology and the highest possible standards. In addition to this, at the end of a preparation process that lasted 6 years in total, we are now at the stage of proudly heralding the introduction of the first Turkish made electric car of TRNC. The domestic electric car which is the final product of a long-continued preparation process, will certainly add much to the prestige of the country as a unique brand. The brand name of this car will be “GÜNSEL” and will also be manufactured and introduced under this name.

At this very moment, our sole aim is getting to the mass production stage of this car at the factory which will be established soon, contributing to the economy of our country by exporting GÜNSEL, and enlisting the name of our country amongst those already producing cars. We are surely going to follow up the rapid progress of technological changes with our expert team and bring in these changes to our country; we will continuously develop the models already produced, and furthermore, we will enhance the prestige of our country by advancing in the aim of becoming a country which produces, develops and exports automotive technologies.

When the car brands of the world are examined, it is observed that stories, legends, epics, symbols of countries, colors as well as the names and family names are used in logos and emblems. So, this makes the brands to be easily memorable, promote their names and ensure that the people affectively find something belonging to them in emblems. Throughout this ongoing process, considering that we are going to produce a car brand solely and exclusively belonging to and representing the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, we do aim to create something affective which will leave its marks along with the historical-cultural and geographic values, as well as adding to the abstract concepts such as stories and epics of our country. Moreover, we do aim to create something that will exceptionally be a symbol of an honorable and special world.

The logo visualizing “GÜNSEL” as a surname is in the shape of a shield which is decorated with the letter “g” (at the same time, evoking the numeric figure of “9”) and 3 electric circuits. The figure of shield symbolizes the mother, who saves, protects and holds the family together; the letter “g” symbolizes the father who gives his surname to the family; the figure which is perceived as “9” symbolizes the lucky number of the family, and the electric circuits symbolize the three siblings of the family.

GÜNSEL will soon show up on the roads of the country she was born in, will proudly serve to both our people and to the other people of the world, and, as an eigenvalue of our country, she will surely take her place in the history of technology.

As GÜNSEL keeps going on her way, we, the Near East Family, however, will not halt!!!… We will continue to be impressed and inspired from the exclusive strength that we inherited from our roots and history, and keep on advancing confidently towards the horizons…

We will build and write our history together, we will build our future together.

Assoc.Prof. İrfan S. Günsel

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