Model 1

innovative efficient elegant

It’s agile, it’s swift and it’s a true Cypriot. Sounds familiar?

We combined everything that makes Cyprian Mouflon to create Gunsel Model 1. We finally reached the style that reflects its capabilities after 90 diversified designs.

350 km Range

enough to drive anywhere in Cyprus and return on a single charge

0 to 100km/h in 8 seconds

premium acceleration, addictive performance

Regenerative Braking

never waste energy

Gunsel Model 1 designed to be driven longer with less energy. It is lighter* without compromising safety, it is more aerodynamic without compromising elegancy.

* Aluminum chassis and composite body.

Seats for 4

enough room for everyone in the family


charge in half-hour with Gunsel Supercharge

Drive The Silence

enjoy driving in silence

Leave your prejudices behind!
Gunsel Model 1, preserves more than 90% of its battery capacity even after 500.000 km