Logistic Office Manager
  1. Job Description
  • Carrying out handling, product sorting and collection works in the warehouse.
  • Performing product optimization in a way to ensure maximum occupancy rate.
  • Carrying out management of inventory works.
  • Developing ideas for reducing warehouse costs.
  • Efficiently using the existing warehouse systems.
  • Updating stock areas in line with developing and changing needs.
  • General warehouse counting in 4-6 months.
  • Inspection of the completion of the entry quality control and receipt processes of the products.
  • Organizing the placement of incoming goods.
  • Identifying the storage areas of perishable products and making necessary arrangements for this purpose.
  • Updating the inventory record.
  • Making the products ready for production from the warehouse and to have them packaged.
  • Reporting to the relevant units on storage and shipping activities.
  • Managing logistics operators.
  • Ensuring that products with expiration dates are checked.
  • Organizing the demands from the production.
  • Deducting the products shipped from the system based on the production demand from DYS.
  • Making arrangements of the materials to be sent from the warehouse out of GÜNSEL and delivering them to the receptionist office.
  • Implementing and enforcing 5S in the pick-up area, intra-factory logistics road and warehouse entrance, warehouse areas.
  • Entering the incoming and outgoing products into the SAP system.
  • Contributing to the development of the SAP System.
  1. Responsibilities
  • Basic management of the Pickup Area forklift park and warehouse area.
  • Ensuring occupational health and safety in the areas under his/her responsibility.
  • Reflecting the daily vision and mission to the areas of responsibility.
  • Fulfillment of the administrative supervisor’s assignments.
  • Ensuring timeliness and continuity of DYS.
  • Notification of violations of Company and Country rules.
  • Periodic Reporting.
  1. Requirements
  • 2-4 years Bachelor of Business Administration, Industrial Engineering and Logistics diploma.
  • Experienced in logistics, warehouse and shipping fields.
  • Being able to use MS Office programs.
  • Having strong human relations, high communication skills, prone to teamwork, planning.
  • Having a driving license
  • Having planning and organizational skills.
  • Having ability to produce solutions in the face of problems.
  • Having at least pre-accounting knowledge according to workplace conditions, as there will be dispatch and invoice works.
  • Being able to keep warehouse entrances and exits and make loadings,
  • Being able to work in a regular, disciplined and systematic manner,
  • Strong business follow-up,
  • Being a quick Learner,
  • Being able to keep up with the intense working tempo,
  • Having a good command in the internal workings of the company,
  • Being proficient in the SAP system.
  • Being fluent in English.
  1. Our offer
  • Opportunity to develop first-class solutions with the latest technology.
  • Family-like and open work environment.
  • Competitive, courageous, curious and innovative team members to work with.
  • Competitive compensation package.

We are expecting a cover letter which describes your mission in GÜNSEL along with your resume.