Social Media Specialist
  1. Responsibilities
  • Develop, schedule, and monitor social media strategies
  • Create content, obtain approvals, and publish
  • Maintain community communication on existing platforms and manage feedback processes
  • Create and manage advertising campaigns
  • Stay updated on current trends and conduct competitor analysis
  • Conduct analysis and reporting processes for content and advertising campaigns
  1. Qualifications and skills required
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in social media platforms
  • Familiar with current trends and platform algorithms
  • Interested in and knowledgeable about technology and design
  • Possesses strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Creative design abilities for visual and textual content
  • Analytical skills for analysis and reporting
  • Strategic thinking in social media planning and scheduling
  • Proactive and responsible
  • Detail-oriented in tracking tasks and adhering to schedules
  • Experienced in crisis management and customer relations
  • Sufficient proficiency in Turkish for daily and formal communication needs
  • Sufficient proficiency in English for content production
  • Has relevant references and experience in the field
  • Presents a current portfolio showcasing skills
  1. What we offer
  • The opportunity to develop world-class solutions with cutting-edge technology.
  • Family-like and open work environment.
  • Courageous, curious and innovative team members to work with.