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İrfan Günsel

TRNC’s First Domestic Automobile: GÜNSEL

Dr. Suat Günsel, the founding Rector of Near East University had a fifty-year-old dream of producing his own automobile, a dream which has now successfully been brought to life through the creation of his own automobile under the brand name of “GÜNSEL”.

Dr. Suat Günsel’s dream of producing the first domestic automobile of TRNC initially began as a childhood dream, over time his dream turned into a highly innovative vision which gradually became a realistic and credible project. Although the journey to success took time, the efforts and creative skills of the members of Near East University turned Dr. Suat Günsel’s dream into reality.

Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel, President of Board of Trustees of Near East University, is revealing the birth story of GÜNSEL:

“This journey initially starts as a childhood dream of Dr. Suat Günsel, the Founding Rector of Near East University. My father, Suat Günsel’s passion for cars, began in his early stages of childhood. He would make car models using mud and dream of building his car production factory. He even envisaged manufacturing roadsters and one-day watching couples traveling in them. However, due to certain circumstances of the country, his passion for cars could only be expressed by initially establishing a museum which housed classic cars for public exhibition. The repair of classic cars which also occurred at the museum revived his childhood dream of manufacturing his own car. In this respect, our passion for cars combined with our pioneering vision provided us with a strong inspiration to follow through with Dr. Suat Günsel’s original dream.”

Innovative, Efficient and Elegant…

GÜNSEL is being marketed with the promoting slogan “Innovative, Efficient and Elegant”. GÜNSEL will incorporate the use of electric technology, which is the future of the automotive industry. Inspired by the symbol of Cyprus, Muflon, features in the design of GÜNSEL B9 which is represented by elegant yet powerful lines. GÜNSEL will stand out from the rest based on its performance and cost efficiency. As for GÜNSEL’s power, it is aimed to reach 0 to 100 km in 8 seconds with a 120 kW electric motor equivalent to 160 horsepower.

Using composite and aluminum in the production of GÜNSEL will lead to the development of a more efficient vehicle when compared with conventional automobiles. Another remarkable feature to be used in the GÜNSEL B9 is the regenerative braking system. With this regenerative braking system, the energy which turns into heat which is usually lost in the brake system of the conventional vehicles will, in fact, be recovered in this model. Even under heavy traffic conditions, accelerating & braking cycles will consume less energy.

The logo of GÜNSEL is composed of a combination of symbols; the “shield” shape, the letter “g” (number 9 at the same time) and three electric circuit figures. The form of the shield symbolizes the mother who keeps the family together and protects the family. The letter “g” symbolizes the father who provides the family name and “9” is regarded as a lucky number by the Günsel family. The electric circuits symbolize the three children of the Günsel family.

GÜNSEL Production Facility Revealed

The groundbreaking ceremony of the production facility which will be responsible for the manufacture of the first 1000 GÜNSEL model automobiles recently took place in Cyprus. It was an event which attracted the participation of high-ranking state officials, together with the residents of Cyprus. The facility is sure to benefit the future of Cyprus and its people.

The GÜNSEL production facility which will house all the stages of the production process, from the design to R&D, the production and marketing of the automobile. The facility, will be constructed on a 20 thousand square meter area and operate in a 15 thousand square meter closed area. The facility, which will take advantage of composite and aluminum production technologies, will also provide employment opportunities for hundreds of people.

Prof. Dr. İrfan Günsel points out that the GÜNSEL production facilities will contribute to the country’s industry, economy and technological development, furthermore it will improve the prominence of our country. Prof. Dr. İrfan Günsel further emphasizes the importance of the production facility; “We are proud of the groundbreaking ceremony for the facility which will be responsible for the production of the first 1000 GÜNSEL automobile. The production facility will gain attention not only in TRNC but from Turkey and the rest of the world. Currently, the anticipation of the production facility is providing us with indescribable happiness as we approach to achieving our goal.

The GÜNSEL brand automobile is a concrete example of having a great dream, hard work, faith and a desire to succeed. Today, with the announcement of the Günsel production facilities, significantly moves us towards TRNC producing, developing and exporting high-tech automobiles. We are demonstrating to the public that we can attain great success that will be admired at an international level. The establishment of the production facilities together with the GÜNSEL automobile is an important industrial stepping stone for the future of our country and the younger generation; our future will be based on acting at a national consciousness and giving importance to knowledge and innovation”.